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Maet Advocaten
Terms and conditions Maet Advocaten 1

1. Maet Advocaten
MAET Advocaten is a partnership of lawyers and practice companies. Where below lawyer is mentioned, practice company is also intended.

2. Applicability
These general conditions are applicable to the conclusion, content and performance of all agreements concluded between the lawyer and the client. Further agreements, pledges and statements made by or on behalf of the lawyer, will only bind the lawyer if they are confirmed in writing by him or her. These terms and conditions expressly exclude the application of all of the terms and conditions of the client, of any kind.

3. Entering into contracts
The contract between the lawyer and the client can come about in writing and/or orally. If the client disputes the existence of an oral agreement with the lawyer he or she will express this dispute within a period of two weeks from the time the lawyers work arising from the agreement has become known to the client, on punishment of forfeit of claim.

4. The Fee
When entering into the contract the lawyer will make known what hourly rate will be used in the execution of the assignment. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, this rate is exclusive of VAT and exclusive of any costs. It will also be made known or an office fee will be charged.

5. Expenses
Time involved in traveling in the line of the assignment will be charged against the stated hourly rate. In addition, travel expenses amounting € 0.28 per kilometer travelled will be charged. Subsistence costs will only be charged after consultation with the client. Other costs, such as court fees and bailiff’s costs, can be advanced by the lawyer. The lawyer reserves the right to demand the client to pay an advance for these costs.

6. Payments
Payment of the amount stated on the invoice must be made within 14 days after invoice date. In the event of late payment, the client will be in default without notice of default by the lawyer being required. After the expiry of the term of payment, without notice of default by the lawyer being required, an interest on the invoice amount will be due by the client. The interest rate will, for every month or part hereof, be 1% of the invoice amount. In the event of late payment the client is also obliged to make full compensation of both extrajudicial and judicial collection costs, including the costs of lawyers, bailiffs and debt collection agencies. The extrajudicial costs are calculated to the collection rate of the Dutch bar association with a minimum of € 250.00.
The lawyer reserves the right to suspend the execution of the agreed work, to discontinue or terminate his or her activities, when and as long as the client does not pay the lawyer’s invoices within the time limit for payment, as referred to above.

7. Liability
The lawyer’s liability for damages suffered by the client as a result of failure in performance of the contract is limited to the amount which the lawyer can claim on his or her professional liability insurance policy in this particular case.

8. Applicable law and jurisdiction
On all agreements concluded with the lawyer, Dutch law is applicable. Disputes in connection with the lawyer contracts will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.



Peter Zijlstra
Peter Zijlstra
22:06 04 Jun 19
Ben zeer tevreden over de rechtshulp van dhr. J.K. den Haan, werkzaam bij Maet Advocaten. Kernwoorden zijn; betrokken,... betrouwbaar, humor, kundig en zeer prettig in omgang. Peter Zijlstralees meer
Mariska Hoogerwaard
Mariska Hoogerwaard
10:02 19 Apr 19
Mr. Den Haan heeft mij op een zeer prettige en professionele wijze bijgestaan - zowel juridisch als m.b.t. het... emotionele aspect - bij een vervelend arbeidsgeschil. Ik heb mij ontzettend gesteund gevoeld. Uiteindelijk een goede afloop. Ik kan Mr. den Haan zeker bij jullie aanbevelen!lees meer
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